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One or more of the dive sites are located in a protected park. A government mandated park fee of $3.00 will be collected at the dive shop on the day of your first dive.


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Sea Ventures Pro Dive Centers

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"Sea Ventures Dive Centers Is Your Gateway to scuba diving the aquatic world of Caribbean, Puerto Rico and it’s Spanish Virgin Islands!" We are proud to be a 5-Star member of PADI, the world’s largest diving organization, where diver safety is of the utmost concern and our professional dive staff are 100% PADI Certified. We are the first and only commercial boat operator in the whole island to be granted with the Blue Flag award and the PADI green star award for our contributions to the environment. Our dive boats are inspected and licensed by the USCG, the Puerto Rico Public Service Commission, and we are fully endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Department. Your aquatic adventure with Sea Ventures Dive Centers will be both exciting and safe — what diving is all about! Check in time is 8:00 AM for morning dives and 6:00 pm for night dives. Our premier dive is an excursion to Culebra. It departs every Wednesday and Saturday. (weather permitting) There is an additional charge for Fun Dives, Course and Snorkeling at our Culebra dive sites.
Arrival Time Morning Dive7 :45 AM
Arrival Time Night Dive6 :00 PM
Gear CleaningPlace to Clean Gear
On-Site ParkingAvailable
Water Temperature 75°F-85°F, 25°C-30°C
Dive Types
These dives take divers out on a boat to a destination. Recommended that divers are comfortable taking a giant stride or a back roll entrance into the water.
This type of dive will take a diver deeper than 18 meters (59 feet), and most will go to 30 meters (98 feet) or more beneath the surface. There is unique marine life at great depths that can only be seen on deep dives.
A night dive offers the chance to experience marine life that only appears in the dark. Rocks and colors appear more vivid and even familiar spots become mysterious.
Coral reefs are beautiful and endangered ecosystems bursting with life and color, and offer the most popular type of dive.
Sea turtles are one of Earth’s most ancient creatures, and these dives offer a high probability of seeing green turtles or leatherback turtles, among others.
contact info
Hwy 3 Km 51.2, Marina Puerto Del Rey, Locker Building, Suite #108, Fajardo, Puerto Rico

shop hours
Everyday:7 :00 AM - 6 :00 PM
Dive Sites and Requirements
Get to know the most popular dive sites and the skills required to make those dives before you book.
Dive Site: Cayo Diablo
This site is a where you can see Coral Reef, Crabs, Lobsters, Reef Sharks, Sea Turtles, and Stingrays. You will reach this site by Boat.
This dive site is perfect for Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert divers.
Dive Site: Culebra
This site is a where you can see Coral Reef, Crabs, Eels, and Stingrays. You will reach this site by Boat.
This dive site is perfect for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced divers.
Dive Site: Sandslide
This site is a where you can see Barracuda, Coral Reef, Coral Restoration, Crabs, Eels, Lobsters, and Sea Turtles. You will reach this site by Boat.
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