Tucked away in the Eastern Caribbean lies the inviting, intriguing and truly incomparable Island of Anguilla. The rich history and personality of the island is reflected in its culture and heritage. Anguilla is approximately 16 miles long, from the East End to the West End, and 3 miles at its widest point.

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Anguilla is known for its 33 beaches, and they don’t disappoint. Twelve miles of silky sand wrap around the island like a blanket, and there’s one for everyone. Anguilla’s largest wreck at 232 feet long. Depths ranged from 30 to 83 feet and like other Anguilla shipwrecks, the boat was the victim of Hurricane Klaus in 1984. Six months after it sank, the government raised the boat and towed to its current location. Now it rests completely intact and upright on the sand.

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