Just off the northwest coast of Kalimantan in Southeast Asia lies the Sultanate of Brunei — a tiny country that boasts pristine landscapes and large coastal and marine reserves. Because of the newness of the scuba industry there, diving in Brunei provides the perfect opportunity for intrepid adventurers to explore largely uncharted reefs and WWII wrecks that are teeming with wildlife.

Top Brunei Diving Sites

The top two highlights when scuba diving in Brunei are its unique reef systems and living WWII wrecks. In contrast to many high-traffic coral reefs around the world, the reefs that you’ll see when diving in Brunei include large Gorgonian fans and wide table corals, as well as brightly-colored hard and softcoral that is fast disappearing elsewhere.

More advanced divers will be able to explore the numerous wrecks that are located at 18m to 34m under the surface of the water. Featuring warships, decommissioned oil rigs, and a Malaysian barge that sank only four years ago, the wrecks of Brunei boast some fascinating wildlife — including octopus, porcupine fish, giant puffers, and the occasional sea snake!

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