Scuba Diving in Bermuda

Bermuda’s crystal clear waters and 300+ shipwrecks attract divers from all over the world to explore its ocean floor. But divers aren’t the only ones who enjoy this gorgeous getaway. Pink sand beaches, relaxing boats cruises and delicious rum beckon non-divers to this tropical island. Get ready for warm sunshine and breathtaking views as you head off to Bermuda!

Getting There

  • If you’re visiting from the U.S., you will need a valid passport in order to enter Bermuda.

  • Bermuda’s main airport is the L.F. Wade International Airport, located in St. Goerge’s, Bermuda.

  • Although neither Uber or Lyft operate on the island, travel in Bermuda is fairly simple. Buses, ferries, scooters and taxis are readily available.

    • Please note, it is illegal for non-residents to drive in Bermuda, except for a small handful of tiny, electric rental cars.

Good to Know

  • Bermuda is a British overseas territory, meaning it’s under British jurisdiction.

  • Timezone: Atlantic Standard Time

  • Primary language: English

  • Currency: Bermudian dollar. Credit cards are also readily accepted across the island.

  • Phone & Internet: Phone service is available from U.S. phone carriers (just be sure to check with your carrier on roaming rates first). WiFi is easy to find at internet cafes and hotels. The international calling code is +1.

  • Voltage: 120 V (same as U.S. and Canada).

  • Hurricane season in Bermuda is from June 1st - November 30th.

    • Please note Bermuda is generally well-protected from hurricanes by its landscape.

  • There are currently no U.S. travel advisories for Bermuda.

Top Dive Shops in this Country

Dive Conditions

  • Water temperature ranges from 68 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to 82 degrees in the  summer.

  • Average water visibility is anywhere from 80 to 200 feet.

  • When to Go

    • You can scuba dive in Bermuda year-round, but the best water visibility is from December to April.

    • The best time for seeing Humpback whales is April and May.

    • Peak season for tourism in Bermuda is from March to August.

  • What You’ll See

    • Bermuda may be famous for its large number of shipwrecks, but divers can also expect to see coral reefs, colorful fish, sea turtles and even the occasional dolphin or octopus.

Best Scuba Diving Sites in Bermuda

Mary Celestia

Arguably the most popular dive site in Bermuda, the Mary Celestia can be found just 600 yards off the south coast of Bermuda. It sank after hitting a reef in 1864 (just moments after the pilot claimed to know the Bermuda reefs like the back of his hand). Along with the historic shipwreck itself, divers will spot parrotfish, groupers and other marine life among the wreckage. This site has a depth of 55 feet and is suitable for all levels of divers.


Hermes is a shipwreck dive located about one mile south of Warwick Long Bay Beach. This dive is unique because the Hermes is fully intact and offers high visibility, making it the perfect spot for photo ops. The surrounding reef is home to a range of marine life, from yellowtails to barracudas. At a depth of 80 feet, everyone from beginners to experts can enjoy a dive here.

Cristóbal Colón

Bermuda’s largest shipwreck, the Cristóbal Colón, is located about an hour and a half north of the island. This Spanish luxury liner sank in 1936 after colliding with a coral reef. Divers will want to allocate time for multiple dives at this site, as this wreck has a lot to offer and covers more than 100,000 square feet. From reef fish to large groupers, you’re sure to see plenty of marine life on this dive. At a maximum depth of 80 feet, this thrilling site is great for divers of all levels.

Note: Due to its distance from the island, you may not get the chance to visit this spot if the weather is uncooperative.

The Cathedral

Located on the East End of the island, right by the opening of Castle Harbor, is the Cathedral. This reef is named for the pillar of light that shines through its top onto divers below, giving it a church-like feel. Divers are likely to see a variety of reef fish in this spot, from parrotfish to Tarpons. Tarpons are large, silver fish that are known to be overly friendly—often following divers around! The Cathedral has a depth of 55ft and is good for beginners all the way to experienced divers.

Hangover Hole

Hangover Hole is a volcanic formation dive located directly off the shore of Warwick Long Bay. Divers will delight in the endless number of overhangs, tunnels and caverns to explore here. You’re also likely to come across eels, lobsters, groupers and more. Eagles rays and turtles may also be seen gliding overhead. At 50 feet deep, this site is best suited for experienced divers due to its vast size and maze-like caverns.

Best Snorkeling in Bermuda

Tobacco Bay

Tobacco Bay is located in Bermuda’s St. George’s Parish at the East End of the island. It’s a 30-minute bus ride from the St. George’s visitor center. The shallow waters and colorful corals at this spot are home to a variety of marine life. Parrotfish, angelfish, groupers and sergeant majors can be seen darting around the reefs. The calm waters, at a depth of about 10 feet, make this a great spot for beginners.

Church Bay

On the South Shore of the island, in Southampton Parish, you’ll find Church Bay. This spot boasts abundant reefs in crystal clear, shallow waters. Colorful marine life, such as parrotfish and blue tangs, will float alongside you as you explore. At 25 feet deep, this site is best suited for Intermediate to experienced snorkelers. The water can get extremely choppy when the surge is up, so please exercise caution.

Discover Unique Things to Do in Bermuda

Crystal Caves

Located in Hamilton Parish, the Crystal Caves are a signature attraction in Bermuda. Take a walking tour of the caves, where gorgeous crystal-like formations jut out of the cave ceilings. The clear, blue underground pools inside the caves make for mesmerizing photos!

The Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo

Take a closer look at Bermuda’s natural history and marine life at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo (BAMZ)! Fun for the whole family, this spot is as educational as it is captivating. Learn about humpback whales, seals and native bird species as you explore everything this spot has to offer. You might even meet a lemur or two!

Gosling’s Rum Tasting Cruise

Have some fun on the water with a Gosling’s Rum Tasting Cruise. This sunset experience is the perfect way to kick back after a long day of diving. You’ll learn about the history of Bermuda and it’s famous export, Gosling’s Rum, as you sample fresh rum cocktails. (Keep in mind the minimum drinking age is 18).

Mad Hatters Restaurant

If you’re a foodie, you’ll definitely want to stop by Mad Hatters during your stay in Bermuda. Serving up gourmet fusion dishes (venison with duck and flamed pears, anyone?), you’re sure to find something tasty here. True to its name, the restaurant walls are lined with crazy hats of all shapes and sizes. Diners are encouraged to choose and wear one of the hats throughout their meal!