Types of Scuba Diving

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More than 15 different types of scuba diving make it easy for you to customize your scuba diving experience and locate the scuba adventure of your dreams. Refer to the following icons and descriptions below to find the dives that best suit your interests and experience level.

  • Wreck Dive
    Wreck Dive
    This type of dive goes to shipwrecks or plane wrecks so that divers can explore the thriving ecosystems that have developed in these fascinating underwater museums.
  • Cave Dive
    Cave Dive
    Explore submerged caves and passageways in one of the most exciting types of adventure scuba diving available. Best for experienced divers.
  • Deep Dive
    Deep Dive
    This type of dive will take a diver deeper than 18 meters (59 feet), and most will go to 30 meters (98 feet) or more beneath the surface. There is unique marine life at great depths that can only be seen on deep dives.
  • Night Dive
    Night Dive
    A night dive offers the chance to experience marine life that can only be seen in the dark. Rocks and colors appear more vivid and even familiar spots become mysterious.
  • Drift Dive
    Drift Dive
    Experienced divers use natural currents to navigate through a dive site in this kind of scuba diving experience.
  • Reef Dive
    Reef Dive
    Coral reefs are beautiful and endangered ecosystems that are bursting with life and color. Reef dives are among the most popular types of scuba diving.
  • Wall Dive
    Wall Dive
    These underwater cliff dives offer the chance to explore vertical walls that are teeming with sea life. Divers can change elevation and get different perspectives of these stunning ecosystems.
  • Shark Dive
    Shark Dive
    There is a high probability of seeing sharks — from nurse sharks to reef sharks — on this type of dive. It’s one of the most exciting scuba diving adventures that most of us will ever have!
  • Hammerhead Shark Dive
    Hammerhead Shark Dive
    There are very few places in the world you can swim with hammerhead sharks. These dives take you to the places where you are most likely to encounter these graceful creatures.
  • Turtle Dive
    Turtle Dive
    Sea turtles are one of Earth’s most ancient creatures, and these types of dives offer a high probability of seeing green turtles or leatherback turtles, among others.
  • Manta Ray Dive
    Manta Ray Dive
    These massive rays are mesmerizing to watch, often curious, and not scared of divers. These dives offer a high probability of manta ray sightings.
  • Whale Dive
    Whale Dive
    Whales migrate, so divers need to catch them while they’re passing through. Whale dives offer the opportunity to experience these magnificent creatures of the deep.
  • Boat Dive
    Boat Dive
    These scuba adventures take divers out on a boat to reach their diving destination. It is recommended that divers are comfortable taking a giant stride or a back roll entrance into the water.
  • Shore Dive
    Shore Dive
    These dives are accessed from the shore and simply involve wading into water. Dive boots are recommended to avoid injuries on the rocks.
  • Sunfish Dive
    Sunfish Dive
    These dives offer the rare chance to swim with the sunfish in the few places they exist. These large, flat, odd-looking deep-sea fish rarely come toward the surface, so spotting them is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Seahorse Dive
    Seahorse Dive
    This type of scuba diving experience offers the best chance to swim with seahorses. These delicate and well-camouflaged fish are often hard to spot.
  • Divers with Disabilities
    Divers with Disabilities
    These dives are done with qualified shops that are trained to assist divers with disabilities. The water is a wonderful place for these divers to experience freedom of movement and some incredible underwater environments.

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