Boat Dive

The most common dive type around the world, boat diving is the best way to see deep-water treasures and reach secluded islands that are off the beaten track. Discover sunken freighters, underwater museums, extensive reef systems, and fascinating caves while coming face-to-face with some of the ocean’s most beautiful creatures.

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  1. S.E. Aruba Fly N Dive Book now
    S.E. Aruba Fly N Dive
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  2. DivePoint Mexico Book now
    Riviera Maya
    DivePoint Mexico
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    Drake Bay, Osa Peninsula
    Costa Rica
    Costa Rica Adventure Divers
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  4. Afloat Adventure Book now
    Bahia Solano
    Afloat Adventure
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  5. Uncharted Dive Center Book now
    United States of America
    Uncharted Dive Center
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  6. Wet Set Adventures Book now
    Quintana Roo
    Wet Set Adventures
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  7. Dive Chido Book now
    Playa del Carmen
    Dive Chido
    As low as $70.00
  8. DNA Divers Book now
    DNA Divers
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What is Boat Diving?

Boat diving is a kind of dive in which you reach your scuba destination on a motorized boat — allowing you to reach greater depths and taking you straight to places of interest so that you can spend less time swimming and more time exploring. 

Located in countries around the globe, boat dives are offered for all levels, from beginner to advanced. You will need to be comfortable taking a giant stride or making a backroll entrance off the side of the boat. If you prefer walking into the sea from the shore, be sure to check out our listings for dive shops and centers that offer shore dives

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