Southeast Asia

Discover a beautiful underwater world and a melting pot of vibrant cultures with scuba diving in Southeast Asia. Located between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, Southeast Asia has been an important hub for international trade and petrol production — leading to a plethora of numerous sunken wrecks to explore. Enjoy warm tropical waters and colorful pelagic fish and sea turtles when scuba diving in South East Asia.

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Top Dive Sites in Southeast Asia

If you’re thinking about scuba diving in Southeast Asia, be sure to check out the following sites:

  • Rig Reef: Located off the coast of Brunei, Rig Reef is a purpose-sunk, decommissioned oil rig that is now home to sea fans, schools of pelagic fish, and fascinating macroinvertebrates.

  • Palau Lima, Redang: This underwater seamount off the coast of Malaysia features awe-inspiring boulders that drop down 100 feet (30 meters) and undercurrents that bring manta rays and whales right past the site.

  • Koh Kon (Koh Koun): This Cambodian dive site is located between the two islands of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem and offers colorful coral and tropical fish on the western side and shallower dives on the southern side. On the southern side of the island, swim with catsharks, blue-spotted rays, and slippery eels at night for a torchlight diving adventure in Southeast Asia that you’ll never forget.

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