Middle East

The meeting point of continents and the cradle of civilization, the Middle East is a touristic hub that abounds in ancient historical sites and magnificent underwater viewing for divers. Scuba diving in the Red Sea offers some of the most popular dive sites because of its extensive visibility, impressive shipwrecks, abundant marine life, and stunning coral formations. Browse our Middle East dive shop listings to find the adventure that calls to you!

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  1. Ocean View Diving Book now
    Ayia Napa
    Ocean View Diving
    As low as $50.00
  2. Aquarium Red Sea Book now
    Red Sea Governorate
    Aquarium Red Sea
    As low as $30.00
  3. Circle Divers
    South Sinai Governorate 46619
    Circle Divers
    As low as $18.98
  4. Pro Divers Corner
    Pro Divers Corner
    As low as $72.61
  5. Oonas Dive Club
    S. Sinai
    Oonas Dive Club
    As low as $89.36
  6. Dive Point Red Sea
    Red Sea Governorate
    Dive Point Red Sea
    As low as $39.08
  7. Egypt Divers
    Egypt Divers
    As low as $67.09
  8. Magic Dive
    Magic Dive
    As low as $11.22
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Highlights of Scuba Diving in the Middle East

Diving in the Red Sea, Egypt

Scuba diving in the Red Sea in Egypt is a must-have experience with its warm waters, shipwrecks, and coral. Dolphin and manatee-lovers will be especially thrilled with the abundance of large marine mammals that frequent the waters of this sheltered body of water.

See Caves and Turtles in Cyprus

The warm, clear waters off the coast of Cyprus offer the longest diving season in the Mediterranean with coastal reefs, octopuses, and an increasing number of sea turtles, while incredible underwater caves, tunnels, and paths provide an underwater playground for the advanced diver.

Explore Three Seas in Turkey

Turkey borders on the Aegean, Mediterranean, and Black Seas—offering diversity to rival scuba diving in the Red Sea. Explore wrecks, islands, caves, and canyons, and be sure to plan a trip to the Three Islands for some spectacular marine life.

Ensure Worry-Free Bookings With Search Scuba

For scuba diving in the Red Sea in Egypt and around the Middle East, Search Scuba provides the easiest platform for booking all of your dives in one convenient place. In addition to linking you with 400+ independent dive shops, we also offer handy search filters to refine your results. Book scuba diving in the Middle East at Search Scuba with a 20% upfront deposit and secure an unforgettable dive today.