Diving in the South America

South America

Quick Facts

From the biodiverse waters of Ecuador to the reefs and wrecks of Brazil, divers are sure to love the underwater adventures awaiting them in South America. A range of climates, dive types, and marine animals make this the perfect destination for divers looking for an adventure. While there’s plenty to explore, the Galapagos are a must-see for advanced divers, offering striking views and the chance to swim with hammerhead sharks.


    Above water, intrepid travelers can explore Argentina’s vast deserts, snow-capped mountains and lush rainforests. Below the ocean lies an array of exciting creatures divers will love gliding next to including endangered southern right whales, sea lions, seals and more.

    Intriguing shipwrecks, gorgeous reefs and stellar conditions await adventurous divers in this South American country. With its diverse coastline and variety of underwater creatures (including dolphins, manta rays, turtles and octopus) Brazil won’t disappoint.

    This South American country boasts two gorgeous coastlines—one on Caribbean Sea and the other on the Pacific Ocean. Another big draw? Colombia is also home to the third largest barrier reef in the world.

    This remote destination is made up of 778 islands in the South Atlantic Ocean and features stunning scenery and wildlife. Scuba divers won’t be able to miss the giant kelp forests—perfect abodes for crabs, jellyfish and more intriguing marine life.

    This South American country has enough sandy beaches, warm waters and lush rainforests guaranteed to wow travelers (not to mention an exciting food scene and that famous calypso music). But unfortunately, it doesn’t have any coasts or diving.
  • PERU

    Most famous for the Incan archaeological site Machu Picchu, Peru also boasts an exciting snorkeling and diving scene featuring incredible biodiversity, deep wall dives and numerous wrecks.

    Located on the southeastern coast of South America, Uruguay may be small but there’s plenty to see here including golden beaches and the beautiful historic capital Montevideo (don’t miss out on the city’s mouthwatering steak houses). For divers, the breathtaking Punta del Este is a must-do.

    There may not be any coasts for divers to explore in this South American country but Bolivia is worth the visit for its jaw-droppingly beautiful landscapes that include snow capped peaks, Amazonian rainforest and vast salt pans.

    Beautiful fjords, dense kelp forests and the fascinating Easter Island are just some of the sites awaiting intrepid divers in Chile. On land, enjoy the beaches (and pisco) in the country’s bustling capital Santiago.

    Whether gliding around the Galapagos Islands or the mainland coast, Ecuador boasts a rich variety of marine life including turtles, sea lions, octopus, tropical fish and more. Just one dive and you’ll understand why this South American nation is known as an underwater paradise.

    This distant region of France is a unique mix of lush jungle, unspoiled beaches, exotic wildlife and French law. Divers of all levels will find beautiful sites to explore in this South American destination.

    This landlocked country is off the beaten path for most visitors but it shouldn’t be! For a truly authentic South American experience, come and enjoy the beautiful landscape (especially the gorgeous waterfalls), multiple wildlife reserves and unique culture.

    Don’t let its size fool you! While Suriname may be the smallest country in South America, there’s enough to attract visitors to its shores including golden beaches, dense rainforest and charming colonial-style towns. While the diving scene is underdeveloped, you can still spot turtles along the coast.

    Pristine beaches and exciting diving spots line the coast but divers won’t want to miss Venezuela’s 70 islands in the Caribbean where they can glide alongside sharks, stingrays, turtles and more.