About Search Scuba

Scuba Made Simple

Search Scuba was founded by divers for our fellow divers. 

In pursuit of the perfect dive, we found something our community was missing. Why couldn’t we easily search and personalize our dive experiences with our preferences?


We’re the ultimate underwater matchmaker, connecting divers with top-rated, certified dive shops around the world. We make it easy to find the best destinations and dives for each skill level and experience. From cave diving to swimming with sea turtles, our site is an easy, seamless way to discover your next dive adventure.

Search, Review, Compare, and Book Scuba

Don’t spend the few times you get to dive this year at the wrong dive shop. We do the research for you and get the expert reviews, to make sure it’s not…well, just a dive. And we support our dive shop partners by bringing them new and excited divers who know what to expect.

What Makes Us Different

While other platforms offer bookings at multiple dive shops, Search Scuba is unique in the fact that we are completely independent, which increases the diversity of the scuba experiences you can find on our site.

Another thing that sets us apart from the rest is the much lower non-refundable booking fee you pay when reserving your dive. Instead of paying 100% upfront, you only pay 20% for dives and a $20 flat fee for courses! Not only that—we have a 48-hour cancellation policy in place, a rare feature in most dive shops, so you can rest assured you’re covered if your plans have to suddenly change. If you need to cancel, you’ll receive a full refund, including the 20% deposit.

Learn About Scuba with In-Depth Resources

Scuba is a complex and exciting world with new things to learn and new places to discover. Enrich your scuba diving journey with the online courses on our eLearning page, and stay up-to-date on tips and tricks with the expert-written articles in our scuba diving blog.

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With scuba, you enter a whole new world and see your planet in a whole different way. Spend less time searching and more time diving by booking with Search Scuba today.