Why Enroll?

SEARCH SCUBA helps your shop do more business by connecting you to divers who are seeking scuba. We take the reservations, do the marketing and maintain the website so you can focus on what matters: taking people on amazing dive excursions. Our easy-to-navigate environment makes it simple for you to see your reservations, make changes, update the divers, and run your business in an international market. You’re in full control of your profile, availability, and prices offered. 

List your dive shop for free

There’s no cost (or hidden fees) to maintain your dive shop storefront, and it only takes a few minutes to set up. 

Get paid directly by divers

Divers pay your shop directly on the day of the reserved dive so that you get paid quickly and don’t need to wait for any system to pay you.

Contact us 24/7

Our team is ready to support you 24/7 by phone and email. The team can help you with everything from issues creating your dive shop profile to how we can help advertise your dive shop.


  1. Go to https://www.searchscuba.com/marketplace/account/create/
  2. Enter First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Dive Shop Name (with no spaces), Dive Shop Certification Number fields
  3. Assign a password
  4. Confirm password
  5. Enter how you heard about Search Scuba in the Referral Name
  6. Select if you want to be Featured on Search Scuba marketing
  7. Enter Create an Account
  8. Select Certification Agency for Course Options
    • Hold down your control (or command key if using a mac) to select multiple
  9. Review and Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  10. Add your dive shop logo
    • Logo must be 195x195, you can select the resizer, if needed
  11. Enter your dive shop information for Overview, Address, Business Hours, Annual Blackout Dates, Max Divers Per Day, Trip Avisor URL, Facebook URL, and Instagram URL
    • Make sure there is not an extra space at the beginning of Overview field
  12. Add 3-5 of your most popular dive sites
  13. Click “SAVE PROFILE” in top right corner
  14. Select “SHOP OFFERS” > Add Products in the top left
  15. Select Destination
  16. Select the 5-7 Dive Types that best describe your dive shop
    • These will be used for your icons
  17. Enter your Dive Shop Name
    • This will be used for your Store Front and URL
  18. Add your Gear Cleaning, Transportation, On-Site Parking, Water Temperature, Country, Experience Level, Dive Type (same as entered above) and Select “NEXT”
    • These options are how divers will filter to find your dive shop
  19. Select the Dive and Course options that best meet your assortment
    • Search Scuba may not have all the options you offer, select the ones that are applicable
    • Premier dives are special locations that are more expensive. Use your overview section to explain your premier dive options
  20. Select “NEXT”
  21. Enter the prices for the options you selected. Click “NEXT”
  22. Review your dive and course options and click “SUBMIT”
  23. Scroll down to enter your Gear Rental, Transportation, and Park Fee prices (if applicable)
  24. Enter your City, State, OR Island
    • Enter only one … whichever is most applicable for your location
  25. Upload 5-7 images
    • Images must be 521x376, you can select the resizer, if needed
    • Divers select dive shop more frequently if a dive shop or boat image is selected first
  26. Click “SAVE”
  27. You can use the “House” button or URL at the top of the page to review your dive shop storefront


SEARCH SCUBA was founded by divers for our fellow divers. Our platform connects divers with top-rated dive shops around the world (bringing you more divers ready for their next adventure). We make it easy to find the best destinations and dives for each skill level and experience - bringing you more new and excited divers who know what to expect.