We’re in This Together

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We’re in This Together

With global travel restrictions and uncertain times ahead due to COVID-19, our dive shop community is feeling the pressure of a major drop in bookings as trips and travel are being canceled globally. To help support dive shops during this chaotic time, we’re waiving all commission fees on dives booked through our platform.

Our dive community is made up of small, independent dive centers that are facing uncertain futures and fearing the worstgoing out of business. These dive shops are great partners to us, and we want to help them through this time of need.

Book future dives now, enjoy adventure later

Search Scuba is waiving all commission fees for the next three months (until June 13 ,2020) as incentive to keep scuba divers booking trips and giving our dive shop partners a better chance at keeping their businesses afloat. While the world battles coronavirus, we’re encouraging scuba divers to book early in order to provide support and confidence to dive shops as they weather this storm. The full cost of the dive will be going directly to the dive shops.

Don’t cancel, change the dates

We are also calling on divers who can afford to do so to not cancel their existing bookings with dive shops, but rather to reschedule for a later date. Rearranging your trip for another time can make all the difference for small businesses in our industry. 

Do your social duty

Join us in supporting local dive shops by following along on social @searchscuba 

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Join the family

Are you a dive shop looking for more ways to support your business during these uncertain times? Now is the perfect time to enroll your dive shop on Search Scuba. We've waived all commission fees so that dive shops like yours get all the profits from dives booked on our platform for the next 3 months. We're in this together.